Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island Management Personnel

VMCLI Management Team

Our mission is to provide patients with the utmost in veterinary care, while addressing the particular needs of their owners. At the Veterinary Medical Center our staff, family veterinarians, and pet owners are all equal parts of a veterinary team. We encourage open communication and deeply respect the values, and wisdom, of our team members.

Dr. Composto

Co-Founder and Director of the Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island [More]

Dr. Zaroff

Co-Founder and Emergency Medicine Corporate Financial Officer [More]

Dr. Fondacaro

Co-Founder and Chief of Staff [More]

Gregory Carastro, LVT

Hospital Administrator & Director of Human Resources [More]

Jennifer Larson, LVT

Hospital Supervisor and Head Technician [More]

Tricia Lynn Candido, LVT

Administrative Coordinator

Jennifer Gallagher & Tiffany LiCausi

VMCLI is pleased to announce Ms. Jennifer Gallagher and Ms. Tiffany LiCausi as our Customer Service Supervisors.