VMCLI Veterinary Specialists

What makes a Veterinary Specialist a “Specialist”?

What makes a Veterinary Specialist a “Specialist” and what role do they play in the healthcare of your family’s treasured companion?……. A veterinary specialist is a veterinarian who has achieved board certification in their respective field.  When one does this, they receive the title of ‘Diplomate’.  The process to become board-certified is rigorous and requires the candidate to be accepted to an internship and residency program just like human doctors.  This process typically adds four more years of post graduate specialized training and requires further examinations.  Only when all these credentials have been successfully completed and approved by the governing veterinary specialty college or board, can a person then receive the title of ‘Diplomate’ and be considered a specialist in their field of study.

Veterinary Specialists exist for much of the same reasons human specialists do. These experts work in conjunction and support of your pet’s primary veterinarian. They offer advanced diagnostics, treatments, and surgical techniques for various diseases and traumas. Veterinary Specialty Hospitals only focus on Specialty Medicine and Critical Care, so they have the training and on site access to use advanced tools like MRI, CT scan, Ultrasound, and Endoscopy. Our caring approach places emphasis on an efficient and accurate diagnosis, gained by the use of the least invasive techniques permissible. Our medical therapies and care are of the highest caliber and our staff is devoted to healing with compassion.

We accommodate emergency referrals for critical patients as a common course of action and we are committed to staying on the cutting edge of veterinary medicine and sharing that knowledge with our valued clients and referring veterinarians. At the Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island, we know that the connection to your pet lasts a lifetime. Next to you and your family, your veterinarian is one of the most important people in your pet’s life.

If you have concerns about a health issue with your pet, ask your family veterinarian if they may be a candidate for Specialty Medicine or Critical Care.