MRI Safety Training Test

MRI Safety Training Test

Are you a doctor or technician?

In order to pass the test and receive a certificate, you must score 100%.

  1. There are 4 different MRI magnet.

  2. It is safe to enter the MRI room when

  3. Which of the following is true about closed field MRI’s?

  4. The first MRI obtained was of a

  5. Contraindications for MRI include all except for the following

  6. MRI scans are safe and no injury can be caused

  7. Who should not get an MRI

  8. It is only important to screen the patient not the nurse performing anesthesia

  9. MRI machines emit

  10. Mild adverse reaction to long term MRI exposure might include all of the following except

  11. MRI Zone II is

  12. Accidents in the MRI can be caused by

  13. Super conducting magnets are

  14. Who Invented MRI

  15. Who should be screened before entering into MRI

  16. The MRI magnet is only dangerous when

  17. Jewelry that is MRI compatible includes:

  18. Which of the following can be brought into the MRI room?

  19. Which statement is true?

  20. Certain material and fabric can heat up in the MRI and cause burs

  21. MRI Zone IV is

  22. Large human hospitals begin to utilize MRI for neuroimaging and musculoskeletal imaging in ____ and Veterinary hospitals began utilizing MRI in ____

  23. If a metal object is pulled with great force in the MRI scanner