Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island Careers

Training Committee Coordinator (Download in PDF format)

Work Location: VMCLI

Available Departments: All

Exempt Status:  Non-exempt

Position Status:  FT

Reports to:  Hospital Supervisor (HS) and Hospital Administrator (HA)

Works closely with: Training Committee Members, LVT’s, Assistants, Client Care Coordinators, Hospital Administrator, Hospital Supervisor, Clinicians, and Owners

Direct Reports:  Training Committee Members, LVT’s, Assistants

VMCLI’s Conformance Statements

In the performance of their respective tasks and duties all employees are expected to conform to the following:

  • Perform quality work within deadlines with or without direct supervision.
  • Interact professionally with other employees, clients and management.
  • Work effectively as a team contributor on all assignments.
  • Work independently while understanding the necessity for communicating and coordinating work efforts with other employees, Training Committee Members and Management.

Position Purpose
The Training Committee Coordinator is a member of the VMCLI training committee and further leads the committee in all matters that pertain to new hire knowledge assessments, training & orientation, quality control of training methods and materials being utilized by fellow committee members, assessing & updating current and future training materials to best fit the needs of the facility and our patient care standards. Additionally, the TCC will assist in the retraining of current personnel that are experiencing issues with performing necessary technical procedures or require additional training on a broad range of technical areas. The TCC will be instrumental in staff enrichment through professional growth and mentoring on varied technical teachings as it pertains to Veterinary Technology within the facility. Furthermore, through mentoring, training, and observation, the TCC promotes greater efficiency and quality of care for our patients and clients alike.

The following is a list of essential job requirements. This list may be revised at any time and additional duties not listed here may be assigned as needed. Job Functions and Job Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Leads, Trains, and coordinates trainings for all paraprofessional new hires. (Including, but not limited to, LVT’s, Assistants, Interns, externs, etc.)
  • Mentoring and assisting Veterinary Technicians, assistants, and other paraprofessionals in their performance of technical & procedural tasks both during and after their new hire orientation.
  • Updating & overseeing that all new hire training schedules are being adhered too and provided necessary and appropriate training by all members of the training committee as indicated by long standing VMCLI policy & procedure. Furthermore, updating the HS and HA on all new Hire progress as reported by the committee.
  • Scheduling and convening Training Committee meetings to review all current New Hires within the orientation process. Additionally, conducting a periodic review of the methods and trainings being taught by fellow committee members to insure that they meet all standing VMCLI policy & procedure guidelines. Furthermore, advising the HS and HA of any and all committee members who are not following appropriate training protocols and methods according to VMCLI Policy & Procedural guidelines.
  • Overseeing all new hire probationary assessment testing is performed on schedule. (I.e. One-month post training assessment and so on)
  • Grade, report, and return all new hire and post hire assessment tests to the HS and HA. Scores are to remain confidential as to not influence fellow committee members and staff as to their potential viability as an employee. Testing information will be used by TCC to help guide the committee in the areas of focus for the candidate to promote the best outcome for cultivating viable team members.
  • Provides all aspects of training and technical assistance, including needs assessment, design, delivery and evaluation of all training protocols and procedures governed by the committee. Any proposed alterations to training materials, methods, and delivery should be presented to the HS and HA for approval before dissemination and introduction to the committee.
  • Emphasize, train and propagate to the committee the legal need for
    Maintaining accuracy of all controlled substance drug logs.
  • Emphasize, train and propagate to the committee the need to review
    and crosscheck the completion of daily checklists and weekly maintenance logs (cleaning, kennel roster, treatment sheets) before the end of the work day.
  • Emphasize, train and propagate to the committee the need for proper formal rounding between all sects of ER Personnel and Specialty Services.
  • Make recommendations to HS and Hospital Administrator (HA) concerning personnel matters, staffing needs, Successes, proposed enhancements for the training committee, its procedures, conduct, implementation, methods, and advancement. Additionally, proposed professional advancements for all paraprofessionals including but not limited to; LVT’s, assistants, and Interns educational advancements.
  • Provide direct on-the-job training to new veterinary technicians, assistants, interns, training committee members, and clinicians as appropriate to your role as TCC.
  • Discuss recommended staff corrective actions, when appropriate, with Hospital Supervisor and HA to assist with follow through on all training matters.
  • Perform all required duties of a licensed veterinary technician and lead by example in professionalism, technique, mentation, according to the mission, vison, and values set forth by the VMCLI.
  • Assist in the maintenance, creation, and review of all formal materials maintained within the VMCLI Technical Protocol Manual and VMCLI Protocol Book. Proposed edits should be discussed with the HS and HA for review and implementation.
  • Provide HS & HA feedback when requested on employee performance for periodic reviews.


  • Current NYS license.
  • Minimum of three years of clinical experience within the realm of emergency & Critical Care.
  • Has a mentoring, congenial disposition and is able to foster a positive working environment for both new and current personnel.
  • Knowledge concerning related federal and state animal health laws and regulations regarding OSHA and controlled drugs.

Special Position Requirements/Physical Requirements:

  • Knowledge of all VMCLI formal Policies & Procedures is required.
  • Should have served a minimum of 4 years as an ER LVT at the VMCLI
    and have a full understanding of the Specialty Services relationship with ER as it pertains to the medical overseeing of departmental cases.


VTS Specialized certification is preferred within the realm of Emergency & Critical Care

Work Requirements

TCC Must be a FT employee, working a minimum of 40 hours per week with one weekend shift. Employee Acknowledgement/Date___________________________________________